Getting started

with your professioinal career

The winningpool career booster

Are you looking for your first job or are you in the early years of your professional career? The Winningpool career booster is your springboard to accelerate your career.

  • We meet with you to assess your personal and professional strengths and to understand your perspectives and goals.
  • We review the roles that our network of partners and clients have open and identify the most suitable for you to consider.
  • As new roles are identified by our clients we send you details of those that we think match your interests and capabilities.
  • We stay in touch and support you with any questions or issues you may face as you search for a job.

Using our Career Booster ensures that we know you and can offer customised advice so that you find the best opportunities as your career progresses.

Using our Career Booster is free of charge and without commitment on your part.

Please get in touch if you want to benefit from the winningpool Career Booster.

    Finding your first job is the hardest –  make use of our career booster.