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How we find the best IT-experts for you

Ideally your consulting  assignment results in filling the open position with a suitable new member of staff. Our recruiting projects usually involve the following phases:

  • Understanding the role: We engage with the client to review and refine the job description, helping to make sure that it will attract the right candidates, taking into account market conditions. We are equally happy to work on standard and niche roles and have the experience and market knowledge required to fill both.
  • Matching: We match the specifics of your role with the profiles of job-seekers in our comprehensive database. We approach potential candidates in a discrete and professional manner, confirming their suitability for and interest in the role. More often than not this process provides several promising candidates.
  • Headhunting: In addition to matching candidates from our database, we actively search for candidates who we think might fit your job profile and discretely sound them out to judge their suitability and interest in the role.
  • Selection: We supply you with informative candidate profiles so that you can shortlist the best candidates for interview. We will work with you to facilitate the interview process and will provide feedback to candidates throughout the process.
  • Finalising: We act as a conduit between you and the candidate throughout the offer process and in all matters concerning acceptance and the beginning of the contract. This includes matters such as work permits, relocation, and even jobs for dependents.

In our experience, the more detailed the job description, the more likely it is that the client will find the right candidate quickly. It is for this reason that we invest time in working with the client to refine the job description at the start of the recruitment process.

Our asset: our highly professional recruitment consultants with excellent interpersonal skills work with clients and candidates throughout the entire recruitment process